Become a CAFCON Sponsor

At CAFCON, we cherish our sponsors!

Because our sponsors mean so much to us, we will always do our absolute best to be a gaming convention that you can be proud of.  We have a couple of ways to become a CAFCON sponsor.

Option 1:  Paid Promotion

In terms of sponsor paid promotion, we give each attendee a 'swag bag' with goodies and convention information, including our guide.  Sponsors get their ad placed in the guide.

Our convention guide has the following options:

  • $25 = 1/3 page ad

  • $40 = Half page ad

  • $75 = Full page ad

  • $100 = Full page, Inside front cover

  • $100 = Full page, Inside back of guide

  • $300 = back of guide

All ads are COLOR and we'll put whatever you can fit in the space that is printable.  You can supply the ad, or we can custom create it for you to your specifications.

Guide page size is 4 X 5.5 (approximately a standard letter-sized sheet of paper folded in half) minus approximately half an inch for the outer guide edge/border.  

In addition to the printed ad, we will promote (and link) your site/page on our website and promote it on our social media platforms (which includes Facebook and Twitter).  Finally, if you have any additional promotion materials (including business cards) you wish to provide, we will include them in our swag bags.

When you become a paid CAFCON sponsor, we stay with you every step of the way to ensure your satisfaction.


We give away lots of prizes at CAFCON, and we’re always super excited to get donations of innovative games, gaming supplies, original art/literature, RPG swag, and other awesomely geeky items.

In return for your generosity, we will promote you on our list of sponsors on our website as well promote you on our social media platforms (including Facebook and Twitter).  As in option 1, we will also include any additional promotion materials you wish to provide (including business cards) in our swag bags.

If you are interested in becoming a cafcon sponsor, please get in touch with us!

 We want to hear from you!