GREETINGS gamers & grognards to the CAFCON Fantasy, Gaming, and Roleplaying Convention:  THE GREATEST GAMING CONVENTION IN THE PRIME MATERIAL PLANE (and the multiverse too)!

The CAFCON Fantasy, Gaming, and Roleplaying Convention will be taking place APRIL 6-7, 2019 at the Foothills Conference Center in Morganton, NC. 

Held annually in the foothills of the North Carolina Appalachian Mountains, CAFCON Fantasy, Gaming and Roleplaying Convention brings together great personalities, fantastic games, and awesome fun! Whether you are into card games, tabletop board games, or RPGs, CAFCON will have what you are looking for. Join us in 2019, for we have games and events that will both challenge and entertain you.

Our mission at CAFCON is celebrating the player and the game. Always have been... and always will.


CAFCON registration is officially underway!

Registration has offically begun! Do NOT delay! Go to our registration area (click HERE) and begin the process. You DEFINITELY want to secure your seat at the table of the games you want to play! Our registration page has all the information you need to know, but this is it in 4 simple steps:

  1. Purchase your CAFCON ticket (click HERE to purchase CAFCON tickets).

  2. Go to Warhorn and create an account.

  3. Once ticket payment is confirmed, your Warhorn account will be activated (please allow up to 24-48 hours for this process).

  4. Register for the games you want to play! We have a LOT of great games and events in store for YOU! If a game you want to play is filled up, you can add yourself to the waitlist or select an alternate game (we have plenty of them)!

We will be adding more incredible games until the convention, so check back often! You can always change your preferences at any time.


CAFCON featured games & events

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Glory awaits in 2019!

Glory awaits in 2019!