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Welcome to String Theory Wares…

String Theory Wares is an independent artist and crafter, currently located in Raleigh, NC that provides an awesome assortment of handmade high-quality geek culture arts & crafts. Avenues of creativity include are needlepoint, painting, jewelry making, and face & body paint. String Theory Wares loves a challenge! Put us to the test!

Custom orders welcome.

Visit us and see what we have to offer.

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Proud CAFCON sponsor and supporter since 2017!

String Theory Wares      … best needlepoint crafts in the Verse! Shiny!

String Theory Wares … best needlepoint crafts in the Verse! Shiny!

String Theory Wares      … custom face and body painting. We love a good challenge!

String Theory Wares … custom face and body painting. We love a good challenge!

String Theory Wares        … top-notch painting and studio work! Let us bring forth your vision!

String Theory Wares … top-notch painting and studio work! Let us bring forth your vision!

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AVL Scarefest

Oct. 18-20 , 2019

AVL Scarefest is a three-day, horror-themed tabletop gaming convention in the ancient mountains of North Carolina around Halloween. You can expect to find excellent offerings such as Call of Cthulhu, D&D, Pathfinder, Starfinder, Ghostbusters, Dread, Fiasco, Artemis, X-Wing, and many, many more. The full schedule of last year's AVL Scarefest can be viewed on Warhorn here: https://warhorn.net/events/asheville-scarefest

Other highlights to whet your appetite include shelves and shelves of board games (yes, it's actually possible there are games you've never played before!), on-site lodging and meals (so you never have to leave...), a Yeti, so many prizes they had to invent new games just to give them away, the infamous evening parties after gaming on Friday and Saturday nights at an old stone lodge house that is definitely haunted, incredibly friendly players, and probably clowns. Also, some of the most entertaining newsletters around.


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Bards of Greyhawk

Relive those long nights of fantasy gaming with hearts that still cry out for adventure. Bards of Greyhawk is groundbreaking Fantasy Gamer Music inspired by classic Dungeons & Dragons Adventures of old. Combining Celtic influences from their days together in one of Colorado’s top Celtic Rock bands, they took their shared love of D&D, Fantasy Games, & Movies and were inspired to composed & recorded new original songs in tribute to classic Dungeons & Dragons adventures in the classic campaign setting of Greyhawk. Each song, tells a tale about a specific 1st Edition D&D adventure in order to convey the fun, magic and creativity of Fantasy Role Playing Games for generations new and old.

Since the successful release of their debut album, BG1 - A Musical Adventure for Character Levels 1-7 in 2017, they have amassed thousands of fans who share their love of fantasy role playing games and support their crossover into music. BG1 - A Musical Adventure for Character Levels 1-7, the debut album by the world's first D&D tribute band, Bards of Greyhawk. The album features original songs in tribute to classic D&D modules such as Keep on The Borderlands, The Slavers Series, Ghost Tower of Inverness & White Plume Mountain. Cover at by TSR Artist Jeff Dee.

Continuing the success of BG1, Bards of Greyhawk continued the tale on their second album, BG2 - A Musical Adventure for Character Levels 8-15. Released in 2018, BG2 shows the evolution of their sound from the fantasy folk songs on their first album to more synth and hard rock compositions that reflect the darker, more deadly challenges in the adventures. BG2 tells the story of the Giants, The Drow & Lolth in a true D&D Rock Opera.

In addition to their own original repertoire, the Bards of Greyhawk also entertain gamers with their own unique renditions of Fantasy Video Game, TV & Movies Theme Songs. Performing live at Conventions, Gamer Events and Irish Pubs, Bards of Greyhawk truly bring a memorable & one of a kind, crossover Fantasy Gamer Music Experience.

links to bards of greyhawk

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The Funky Grognard

Woe is thee puny mortal, for thou hast entered the grim and dire realm that is… THE FUNKY GROGNARD!

(insert overly lame and melodramatic music)

Welcome to The Funky Grognard, an irreverent geek and gaming blog from the twisted mind of Chris Larr that will blow your ever-freaking mind! Chris Larr is an old-school DM/GM (with over 30 years experience because he’s old AF), homebrew module designer, co-founder of the CAFCON Fantasy, Gaming, and Roleplaying Convention, and an admin on waaaaayyyyy too many RPG forums/groups.

Check out his bloggity bloggy blog and you will get ABSOLUTELY FREE…..

  • Module, RPG, and boardgame reviews and retrospectives!

  • Articles and information to help YOU become the best DM/GM you can be!

  • Original and regular content such as Treasure Trove and The Blog Switcheroo!

  • And more random crap than you can stand!

So get on them world wide intrawebs and go to THE FUNKY GROGNARD <—- click here and be magically whisked away to the mystical gaming blog of your sick, lurid dreams!

The Funky Grognard (aka Chris Larr) at CAFCON 2018.

The Funky Grognard (aka Chris Larr) at CAFCON 2018.

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Tabletop RPG Gamers

The Ultimate Old School RPG Gaming Destination!

Next time you’re on Facebook, check out Tabletop RPG Gamers, a group for gamers, geeks, grognards, and ALL people to talk about old-school tabletop roleplaying games from the 70s, 80s, 90s, and 2000s. At Tabletop RPG Gamers, ALL are welcome to this inviting, informative, and intelligent RPG forum. We are also a 100% drama & troll-free zone!

Tabletop RPG Gamers wants this to be YOUR group, a relaxing, fun place where people can make some friends, hangout and talk about games and maybe even have a laugh or two. :)

Your gateway to Tabletop RPG Gamers: CLICK HERE

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Wizard of the Ozarks & DM Talk

Greetings friend! Welcome to Wizard of the Ozarks! We design gaming adventure modules and supplements for various tabletop formats such as 1e/2e Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, Frostgrave, Heroquest, 5e Dungeons & Dragons, Rangers of Shadow Deep, and many more!

Founded by Chuck Green, Wizard of the Ozarks can help you with all of your module designing needs. Mapping. Artwork. Text. Original content (such as monsters, magic items, and encounters). Let Chuck weave his spell upon your gaming group!

In addition, Chuck has created DM Talk, a Facebook group where Dungeon Masters have the opportunity to talk about the game sessions they've played, share ideas, ask questions, and help new people on how to be an effective Game Referee. All D&D and AD&D editions and even other RPG game formats are welcome.

Wizard of the Ozarks… your players will definitely think it’s a critical hit!

Just a sampling of the marvelous creations from    Wizard of the Ozarks   !

Just a sampling of the marvelous creations from Wizard of the Ozarks!

YOUR Links to adventure