CAFCON announces: The Return of CAR WARS!!


The CAFCON Fantasy, Gaming, and Roleplaying Convention is super excited to announce that the Maniacal Master of Motor-vehicular Mayhem, Mitch McPhetridge, is returning and running the 2nd annual CAFCON Car Wars mini-tournament!

CAR WARS is the futuristic vehicular combat simulation by Steve Jackson Games where you design, customize, weaponize your auto, and then send your awesomely cataclysmic car creation to do battle against your opponents!  Only ONE shall emerge victorious in the end!

No prior experience necessary needed! Mitch will provide all the materials and training YOU need to survive and emerge victorious on the mean streets!

Be a part of the awesomeness that is Car Wars!

Get your CAFCON tickets HERE!

Car Wars Mini Tourney.jpg