CAFCON announces: Module CAF1 - The Silver Sphinx

'Hidden away in an ancient tomb lies the Silver Sphinx. Glory and riches await those who can defeat the deadly challenges and solve the riddle! Do YOU have what it takes?'

CAFCON is ecstatic to reveal CAF-1, THE SILVER SPHINX, our AD&D-1e VIP-exclusive original module that was co-written by...

Original cover art by the 2018 CAFCON Signature Artist (and module designer), Phil Stone. 

In this old-school AD&D-1e module, a band of adventurers must avoid terrible traps, survive deadly denizens, and solve perplexing puzzles if they are to emerge alive ... and they only have 4 hours of real time to do it.

Participants of 'The Silver Sphinx' will receive a copy of the module at the completion of the adventure! This is a fully written AD&D-1e module complete with:Pre-generated player character sheets, 3D-style maps, new magic items, and new monsters.

This game is available ONLY at the CAFCON Fantasy, Gaming, and Roleplaying Convention. Learn more and purchase your VIP tickets at

More games and events to be announced soon!

Cover - Module.jpg