CAFCON announces: Wizard's Risk II

It is time to get excited!  Why?  Because this April, Jammin’ James Keller is hosting Wizard’s Risk II - an amazing homebrew Risk + Dungeons & Dragons boardgame variant!

In Wizard's Risk, you'll assume the role of one of 6 powerful wizards in a bid to defeat your rivals and conquer the world! However, you must be wary for the evil Lich King and his ever-spawning Horde will attempt to destroy you!

Elements include:
• Cast over a dozen AD&D spells
• Command mighty armies
• Recruit amazing heroes (each with unique powers and abilities)
• Collect loot and claim magic items to aid you in your quest for world domination.

You absolutely do NOT want to miss out on this! WIZARD’S RISK II at CAFCON.

Get your tickets NOW (click here)!

Wizard's Risk II - Pic.png