CAFCON announces: Adventures in Filbar

Frank Schmidt, author of "The Adventures in Filbar" series of AD&D5e modules and host of "The Bards Podcast - Tales from the Realm of Filbar", will be attending CAFCON! 

Not only that, but he will be PERSONALLY running 2 games for CAFCON! These scenarios are loaded into Warhorn and ready for registration! He will also be providing bonuses to CON Bonus participants.

Sciptorium of Carolinus: In your last adventure you discover some golden scrolls but could not determine their significance. After obtaining the services of a chronicler you are overjoyed in learning that the scrolls detail the location of the lost Scriptorium of Carolinus. This location was thought to be mythical but according to the scrolls it is real. Lost for the ages it is certain to hold untold and lost riches. A few days of travel will put you at the haunted Tintagel Keep!

► Infiltration of Taco Del Toro: His holiness has summoned you to the great temple and asks a favor of you. He has explained that national spies have tracked down the notorious pirate/criminal, Molon Labe, has pulled into the port of Taco Del Toro. As an enemy of the state, the religious leader demands that he be taken alive. He has obtained a privateer to take you to the city known to be frequented by pirates and their ilk in order to catch the individual. He warns you that nothing good survives in the island city and to watch your back as you make your way through the mean streets!

Folks... you do NOT want to miss this!  

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