Bards of Greyhawk are going to rock CAFCON!

Many, many, many thanks to the Bards of Greyhawk for their super generous donation of 40 CDs to CAFCON Cares and the CAFCON Fantasy, Gaming, and Roleplaying Convention.  Every VIP will receive a CD, some will go to the CAFCON Cares Charity Raffle, and some lucky contestants of the Badass Breakfast Trivia will win some!

If you haven’t heard The Bards of Greyhawk, check out their website HERE.  You won’t regret it! In fact, CAFCON guarantees that after listening to their debut album, BG1: A Musical Adventure for Character Levels 1-7, you’ll level up.

That’s right, your HP, thieving skills, undead turning, and spellcasting powers will increase accordingly!

After you listen to the Bards, go HERE and get your tickets to the greatest gaming convention in the entire multiverse (even layer #69 of the Abyss - they're totally down with CAFCON).


The Bards of Greyhawk... 1,000,000% CAFCON approved!!