✨✨✨ 1 WEEK TO CAFCON ✨✨✨

Only 7 days until the greatest fantasy, gaming, and roleplaying convention on this side of the Prime Material Plane takes place!  We have a LOT of great games and events planned to both challenge and entertain you!

If you're a gamer, then we will definitely have what you're looking for!

  • Roleplay Games:  AD&D-1e, AD&D-3.5e, AD&D-5e (plus Adventurer's League scenarios), Pathfinder (PFS), 4C Star Wars RPG, Open20 (Fantasy and Modern), Lamentation of the Flame Princess.
  • Tactical Simulations:  Warhammer 40k tournament, Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures (Scenario and Tournament), Car Wars Mini-Tourney.
  • Card Games:  Magic the Gathering tournaments.
  • Board Games:  Diplomacy, Wizard's Risk II, Dune.
  • Open Gaming:  Bring your own games to the table, attract players, and get your game on!
  • Parties:  The CAFCON Kick-Off (Friday 8pm) and the Legendary CAFCON Afterparty (Saturday at midnight).
  • Events:  CAFCON Cares Charity Raffle, CON Bonus, Badass Breakfast Trivia, CAFCON Awards Ceremony, DEBBIEmania.
  • Awesome Swag:  Stellar swag bags chock full of awesome goodies!  CAFCON dice and buttons.  Vendors on site.

You absolutely, positively, beyond the shadow of a doubt do NOT want to miss out on the gaming event of the epoch!  

Click HERE to purchase tickets and register!  Don't delay!