⭐️⭐️⭐️ 30 DAYS TO CAFCON ⭐️⭐️⭐️

That's right!  Only 30 more days until the greatest gaming convention in the Multiverse! CAFCON! If you haven’t purchased your tickets yet, get them now!  Do not delay!  We have so much awesomeness in store for y’all!

  • Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (1e,3.5e, 5e)
  • Pathfinder (PFS sanctioned scenarios)
  • Car Wars
  • Badass Breakfast Trivia with your host, the Funky Grognard
  • Star Wars RPG: Chaos Breaker
  • Wizard’s Risk (D&D Risk homebrew board game)
  • X-Wing Miniatures 
  • Diplomacy 
  • Assault of Evil (an original AD&D-1e adventure written by THE Lenard Lakofka [aka Leomund of TSR])
  • Frank Schmidt, writer and creator of the ‘Adventures in Filbar’ D&D campaign universe will be there and running 2 awesomely challenging scenarios
  • Warhammer 40k (sponsored by Red Barn Gaming)
  • Magic the Gathering (hosted by Gamer’s Stronghold)
  • Alien: Encounter
  • Lamentation of the Flame Princess 
  • Open20 scenarios ‘College Arcane’ and ‘Blue Phoenix’ by veterans DM Charles Ciaffone
  • The Silver Sphinx VIP-exclusive AD&D-1e tournament module
  • The legendary CAFCON Afterparty (Sat at Midnight at the Morganton Comfort Inn McDowell Room)
  • The Uncanny CAFCON Kickoff Pre-party (Fri at 8pm at the VFW)
  • CON Bonus Fun Walk with sweet gamer rewards
  • CAFCON Cares Charity Raffle
  • Awesome Swag Bags
  • FREE D&D5e module download “Fruit of Evil” by critically acclaimed module writer Jeff C. Stevens to ALL CAFCON attendees
  • Access to the mighty CAFCON Adventure Hut with FREE downloadable homebrew adventures and modules
  • DEBBIEmania

... and MORE!!!!!

Get your tickets, register for games, and learn more at www.cafconrpg.net 

CAFCON Fantasy, Gaming, and Roleplaying Convention • April 7-8, 2018 • Morganton, NC •www.cafconrpg.net 

Glory Awaits!