You and your horde are ready to storm the gates of CAFCON... but the weather kind of sucks.

CON BONUS UPDATE: The plan is to meet at the parking lot of the Foothills Higher Education Center at 7:30am for our 1mile fun walk. Buttons to be handed out after the walk is over.

IF the weather does not cooperate (which is a distinct possibility based on the lastest weather reports), we will use our alternate plan... CON BONUS: FREE SHOT! Meet up at the Funky Grognard's room for a celebratory pre-CAFCON toast (if you are under 21 or choose not to partake, then you will be given a celebratory pre-CAFCON high-five).

The decision will be made by 7:00am and announced on the CAFCON Facebook page and CAFCON Twitter feed. If we utilize the FREE SHOT, the FG's room number will then be announced. We'll hang, toast, award buttons, and head on over the CAFCOOOOOON!!