Playing with Electrons to Make Stories


Playing with Electrons to Make Stories is an incredibly fantastical roleplay and storytelling blog written and run by author and game designer Ian C. Hagan.

In addition to some strikingly original artwork, you'll find excellent homebrew RPG material for AD&D, OSR, Lamentations of the Flame Princess, Into the Odd, and Crimson Dragon Slayer.

Ian is not only creating original rules, creatures, and items, he's building an entire game universe, from the ground up, while breaking boundaries and genres, for your amazement and enjoyment!

You will also find insightful essays and articles regarding the crafts of universe building and campaign creation.  In short, the sheer volume of unique content here is astonishing.

If you support CAFCON, we encourage you to check out Playing with Electrons to Make Stories. It's awesome, classy, mindbendingly trippy, and extraordinarily cool! 

CAFCON gives 'Playing with Electrons' its highest recommendation!


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